Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Creating Secure Passwords

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Creating Secure Passwords

Strong passwords or passphrases are critical to ensure the safety of all online account log-ins.  In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here are some tips to ensure your passwords pass the test:

  • They should be at least 8 characters long
  • Composed of three of these character classes:
    • Lower-case letters: (abcde . . . . )
    • Upper-case letters (ABCDE . . . .)
    • Numbers (123456 . . . )
    • Non-alphanumerics (?><{:")*&^ . . . .)

Passwords should be unique for every log-in.  Resist the temptation to memorize one password and use it everywhere!  The danger of reusing the same password over and over again is that if a cybercriminal gets their hands on those credentials due to a phishing attack or other breach, then they can do what's known as "credential stuffing" - trying that combination into a host of different websites in order to gain access.

One way to ensure the use of unique, complex passwords without having to memorize them is to use a password manager.  There are several good ones out there such as DashLane and LastPass.

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