Managing Internet Usage For Optimal Productivity

One of the main reasons companies across Michigan switch to GRIT Technologies is because they don’t know how to speed up their internet. It’s frustrating, especially when you pay good money for top-tier bandwidth but it still takes several minutes to check your email!

If your company relies heavily on cloud-based services, slow internet is a monster headache.

Working from home tips to boost productivity

Working from home may sound like a faraway dream, but with the inception of the Internet, it has become a reality. Today, more and more organizations are allowing their staff to work remotely instead of coming into the office every day. The results have been positive – employers notice an increase in productivity, work quality, […]

More productive meetings with

Meetings that result in little more than wasted hours are counter-productive and a surprisingly large drain on resources. After all, if your best people are spending the majority of their working day locked in a meeting room, drinking endless cups of coffee, making copious notes, and yet leaving with little or nothing to show for […]

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