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Your Roadmap for How Work Gets Done (with Tech) in 2021

Technology has been changing the way do things for years - order food, watch TV and learn new things. Remote work lagged somewhat behind until the events of 2020 forced a dramatic shift, forcing companies away from an on-location business model to one that is completely remote.

In this webinar, Matt and Brad from SPARK Business Works discuss the changing hardware and software landscape and offer valuable insights and actionable steps you can take to enable your organization to succeed and grow in 2021 and beyond regardless of your current workforce strategy.

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February 11, 2021


Is it safe for employees to work remotely?

Remote workers are typically the first to face security threats. They’re often the source of network security incidents that can ripple quickly through the rest of the organization. In this video Matt goes over two best practices in keeping your network and employees safe while they work remotely.

February 23, 2021


5 Tips To Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks And Ransomware

So how do the bad guys get ransomware into your network? Well, that is what we go over in this video. We also cover 5 ways you can help protect your business from phishing attacks.

January 11, 2021


Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud in Less Than 3 Minutes!!!

Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. In this video, Matt goes over the basic differences between cloud and traditional IT, and quickly covers the key reasons why many companies are making the switch to the cloud.

December 9, 2020


Got Backup? Discovering the best Business Disaster Recovery Solution to help protect your data.

In this video, Matt goes over the pros and cons of different backup options and what your business needs to consider when choosing the right backup solution for your organization.

October 27, 2020


A Quick Look at the Meeting Owl Pro. Consider replacing your current video conferencing solution.

If you're looking for an all-in-one conference room solution, look no further! The Meeting Owl by Owl Labs (​) incorporates a panoramic camera and smart technology to focus on the person that's talking, allowing remote viewers to feel like they're almost in the room. Check it out!

June 25, 2020


Microsoft Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams is like the multi-tool of the Microsoft universe. In this video, Matt gives you a brief overview of the ways you can use Teams to communicate and collaborate within your organization.

June 5, 2020


Cybersecurity is Changing: Here is what you NEED to know

There is no question that business today is radically different than it was prior to 2020. With these changes come new challenges in cybersecurity and the steps businesses need to take to protect themselves. Unfortunately, what worked in the past won't be enough anymore.

Apr 30, 2021


Diving Into Microsoft Teams: A Workshop To Get You Started.

In this 30-minute workshop, we’ll dive into some of the best features Microsoft Teams has to offer and how you can get started using it today!

May 20, 2021

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