Cybersecurity Awareness Program

A fully customizable, online training campaign to strengthen your company's cyberdefense.

Proactive Defense to Cybercrime

Cybercrime has become almost a daily feature in the news. Reports show companies have been exposed to massive increases in cyberattacks over the past several years. The alarming growth in the frequency and sophistication of these attacks only makes this problem worse, as cybercriminals target the soft point in your network defense - your employees.

The Number One Threat to Your Business

Firewalls and the most advanced anti-virus software are critical in the defense of your business, but no longer enough as social engineering and ransomware have become the number one threat to the security of your IT infrastructure and your business.

Criminals have moved beyond trying to exploit weaknesses in computer networks - they're relying on human error. Not only is your data at risk, but your company's finances and reputation.

The GRIT Solution

In response to these concerns, GRIT Technologies is pleased to offer you our comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Program - a fully customizable, year-long automated training campaign we'll design based on your needs and administer on your behalf to turn your employees from the "weakest link" into a human firewall.

This program will test your employees with simulated phishing e-mails designed to challenge baseline susceptibility to these types of attacks. Then, our program will train your staff to recognize all of the different methods criminals use to break into your network and hold your data hostage, steal sensitive information, or empty your bank accounts. After training, we'll challenge their awareness monthly with additional simulated attacks,reinforcing the message to STOP, LOOK, & THINK before clicking on any link in an email or opening an attachment.

Your employees are your last line of defense. They need to be trained and remain on their toes with security top of mind. Call us today to get started!